About Mediation

      Mediation  provides a beacon of light for a couple who is struggling with the issue of divorce, which ranks among the most stressful situations that people face in life.

    Traditionally, our adversarial legal system has led divorcing couples down a long road that is fraught with legal, financial and psychological hurdles, the result of which, more often that not, leaves the couple financially and emotionally depleted, if not devastated.

    Mediation offers an alternative approach to divorce that provides the couple with a forum to work out a plan that will resolve their legal issues and leave them with the ability to provide for themselves and their children while preserving the bulk of their assets for the family.

    A skilled and sensitive mediator will help the couple to maintain control of their lives during this difficult time by working with them to identify and achieve their priorities while allowing them to control where to compromise.

    A wise mediator recognizes that every couple brings a unique constellation of legal, emotional and financial issues to the mediation table.  The job of the mediator is to recognize and respect the couple's individual circumstances while helping them to craft an agreement that is flexible enough to accommodate to their unique circumstances while assuring that they both are fully informed about their legal rights and responsibilities.

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